AfterPay information

Shopping, and then giving pass.

By making use of AfterPay, shopping is sometimes very easily. Besides our service post-pay, we keep a constant eye on the market. So we can keep you informed of the

latest trends and distinctive shops.



Shopping wherever and whenever you want, without paying immediately. Pay with AfterPay and all you have to do during the payment process is to fill in your personal details and email address.


Enjoying your order, without having to worry about the payment. Once you have received your order, we send you an invoice by mail. So you only pay for those products that you love.

Self Service

With Afterpay you can pay when you come to the best, within the term of payment of 14 days. That is the self-service AfterPay.

Dutch customers (AfterPay)

AfterPay carries for DUURK the entire payment process afterwards. This means that you will receive an invoice from digital AfterPay via e-mail to pay the purchased product (s). You can contact pay with a digital invoice to an amount of € 500 if you pay for the first time digital invoice. If you can AfterPay pay a sum of 1,250. For amounts above the limit referred to above, we can "deferred payment" provision. For a description of deferred payment "Belgian customers"

To approve your request to pay AfterPay will perform an online data check. AfterPay has a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event your request not to be authorized to pay, you can of course pay to buy product with another payment method.

You can always ask to contact Afterpay. For more information, please visit the consumer section of the official AfterPay website. "

Belgian customers (Deferred Payments)

Unfortunately we can not Afterpay service even currently offer to our customers in Belgium. Alternatively we can offer for orders with a delivery period longer than one week deferred payment. In case you want to use deferred payment, proceed as follows:

1 Select the desired product and record:
- Description
- Desired number
2 Mail items to [email protected]
3 We make an order and send to you for checking.
4 After we receive confirmation, we will order the goods.
5 After the goods have been delivered to DUURK, we'll send you the bill.
6 Once the account has been paid, we send the goods.
7 You receive the goods no later than three days after the bill is paid